Subject: Everyone's Results!
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: October 11, 2001 at 5:19:32 AM
Reply to: Off-topic quiz (but fun, anyway!) "Are You a Witch"? by Nanaea
Okay, before I post your results, bear in mind that this quiz represents Anton LaVey's concept of witchery -- and is heavily influenced by his personal fetishes. I won't comment on anyone's individual answers yet, in case anyone else wants to take the quiz. Don't want to spoil it for them. :)

Here is how Anton interpreted the scores: "If you have a score of 7 to 9 correct answers, there is hope for you as a competent witch. If you scored 10 to 12, you are well on your way to sorcery, and if you got all 13 possible answers correct, you are truly gifted."

Here are everyone's scores, in ascending order:

4 - Miyoushi
5 - Lilith & Mike C
6 - Gia Nadine & 'Cole
7 - Andrea
8 - Pavlos
9 - Nanaea

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