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Subject: Oh no
Author: Arimaen   (guest)
Date: September 25, 2002 at 7:21:51 AM
In the Births column in my local paper today I saw that a woman had
named her daughter MONTANA CHEYENNE.

OMG! There are several reasons I am against this.

I) Montana is the name of a state
II) Cheyenne is a silly name

and finally

III) WRONG COUNTRY!!!!! (We're in Australia dammit! I would be even less repulsed if she was named Kylie (ick ick ick ick anyway)

The woman is not American and has ABSOLUTELY NOT CONNECTION to the US in any way shape or form (a friend of a friend knows her and told me so). What's going on.

Anyone please tell me if they think this silly I will be ever so relieved if anyone agrees with me!


By the way I have nothing against the US. Its just so out of place!

Thanks: Arimaen

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