Subject: Re: Oh no
Author: Anneza   (guest)
Date: September 26, 2002 at 1:15:02 AM
Reply to: Oh no by Arimaen
G'day, cobber. It's the price of living in the global village, I think. Plus, when I'm in a North American site, I find the eeriest thing is that I can't tell anything about social class, educational level, distance from the poverty datum line etc from the names of people. They really do take democracy to considerable lengths compared to the British, for instance, where you can tell in an instant that Jeremy is more likely to sit in the House of Lords than Jason ... I'm in
South Africa, and we also get a strong US influence on naming - lots of Megans and Erins, even a Tayla or two, may they find peace and happiness. Point being that it's possible that in the States names like Montana might be mainstream respectable! I just have no way of knowing - though, like you, I do suspect ...

I've started wondering about Oz equivalents - Adelaide Alice? Victoria Sydney (Sydney being strictly female in the US of A, I'm told, regardless of that nice Mr Poitier)? Snowy?

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