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Subject: Go to the Test Board
Author: Miranda   (Authenticated as Randee15)
Date: May 29, 2005 at 2:50:55 PM
Reply to: Re: You should be asking Mike C. that by oneway21001
And search around there. (The "Search" link is right next to the "Post a Message" link on the toolbar which is on top of every board in this community. The Search on any given board will only search that board, i.e. you can't search the Opinions Board from the Lounge.)

However, basically the HTML is (iirc): *font-size:Xpt*Wordy McWord*/font*, where the asterisks are less-than and greater-than marks respectively, and X is the font size you want. The board's default is 8, btw.

EDIT: I think you might benefit from reading the rules, since you're new here and all: Be sure to follow the rules, or else you could be banned. (That last bit was a standard disclaimer and was not meant to be personal at all.) The Help and FAQ are also on the same page; just scroll up and down respectively to see them.

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