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Subject: Re: A whole whack of pro. questions
Author: Array   (Authenticated as WeloveyouJesseLacey)
Date: June 29, 2005 at 9:50:03 PM
Reply to: A whole whack of pro. questions by Schezar
I would say these names like this (bear in mind that I'm a Midwesterner and thus have some lazy vowels):

(g) Kahlilia~ kah-lee-lee-yah? As far as I know, the similar Kalila is kah-lee-lah, so I'd guess Kahlilia would be along the same lines.

(b) Chavez~ SHA-vez or SHA-vayz
(g) Madrona~ mah-DROH-nah
(g) Zamora~ zah-MOH-rah

(g) Drea~ DRAY-uh
(g) Galatea~ ga-luh-TAY-yah ("ga" like the A in "attic")
(g) Pelagia~ peh-lah-JEE-yah?
(g) Rhea~ I've only heard it as REE-yah. And as RAY, but those people just really liked Caroline Rhea.
(g/b) Solaris~ soh-LAIR-is--that's how the name of the movie was pronunced, IIRC.

(g) Raziya~ rah-ZEE-yah or RAH-zee-yah.

Nalini~ nah-LEE-nee?

I've skipped the ones I'd feel weird guessing at.


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