Gender Feminine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. SOO-zən

Meaning & History

English variant of Susanna. This has been most common spelling since the 18th century. It was especially popular both in the United States and the United Kingdom from the 1940s to the 1960s. A notable bearer was the American feminist Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906).

Related Names

DiminutivesSue, Sukie, Susie, Suz, Suzi, Suzie, Suzy
Other Languages & CulturesSawsan(Arabic) Susanna, Susannah(Biblical) Sousanna(Biblical Greek) Shoshannah(Biblical Hebrew) Susanna(Biblical Latin) Susanna(Catalan) Suzana(Croatian) Zuzana, Zuzanka, Zuzka(Czech) Susanne, Sanne, Susann(Danish) Susanna, Suzanne, Sanne, Suus, Suze(Dutch) Susanna, Susanne, Sanna, Sanni(Finnish) Suzanne, Suzette(French) Susanne, Susann, Suse, Susi(German) Shoshana(Hebrew) Zsuzsanna, Zsazsa, Zsuzsa, Zsuzsi(Hungarian) Susanna(Italian) Zane, Zuzanna(Latvian) Zuzana(Lithuanian) Suzana(Macedonian) Huhana(Maori) Susanne, Susann(Norwegian) Zuzanna, Zula, Zuza, Zuzia(Polish) Susana(Portuguese) Suzana(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Susanna, Syuzanna(Russian) Suzana(Serbian) Zuzana, Zuza, Zuzanka, Zuzka(Slovak) Suzana(Slovene) Susana, Susanita(Spanish) Susanna, Susanne, Sanna, Susann(Swedish)
User SubmissionsSúsan, Susan

People think this name is

classic   mature   formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   strong   refined   simple   serious   nerdy  


1940s, 1950s, Adventure Time characters, American Horror Story characters, archers, authors, Charles Dickens characters, civil rights, currently out of the US top 1000, Desperate Housewives characters, Discworld characters, Divergent characters, Doctor Who companions, Downton Abbey characters, female US presidential candidates, flowers, Frasier characters, Fringe characters, Gone with the Wind characters, Gravity Falls characters, Harry Potter characters, heroes, House of Cards US characters, Hunters characters, Jane Austen characters, JESC names, literature, Lucius characters, Marvel characters, Narnia characters, nature, Octavia E. Butler characters, Philip K. Dick characters, plants, Quantico characters, Regular Show characters, Rule of Rose characters, Seinfeld characters, song titles, Star Trek actors, Stephen King characters, Stranger Things characters, Supernatural characters, television, The Golden Girls characters, The Nanny characters, Thomas Hardy characters, top 10 in the US, Virginia Woolf characters, Virtua Tennis opponent characters, William Faulkner characters, WITCH characters, women's history

Entry updated December 14, 2019