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Subject: I'll try...
Author: Eirena   (Authenticated as Eirena)
Date: June 30, 2005 at 7:36:43 AM
Reply to: A whole whack of pro. questions by Schezar
Pelagia-- puh-LAY-jee-uh

For Spanish: usually the second-to-last syllable is accented, unless an accent mark tells you otherwise. Letters are always pronounced the same. (So I'll give the Spanish ones a stab...)

Chavez- Array is right. SHAH-vehz (Like Cesar Chavez, the Venezuelan (?) guy)

Madrona- mah-DROH-nah
Zamora- sah-MOR-ah (MOR sounds like more)

I've always pronounced Rhea REE-ah. Did you check the database for prn?

I would pronounce Galatea guh-LAY-tee-uh, and Solaris sol-AR-iss (sol=soul, AR=are).

I have no idea on the rest of them. :S

Edited to add: Rhea is prn REE-ah in the database. Click on the link.

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