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Subject: Re: Irish tradition of middle names? + Chinese name question
Author: Lily8   (Authenticated as Lily8)
Date: September 25, 2008 at 4:36 PM
Reply to: Irish tradition of middle names? + Chinese name question by CN

I know that in China the meaning of a name is very important. So you wouldn't just combine two random characters to name your baby, you would make sure they'd have a good meaning and that they'd sound nice together. I think there are several characters that sound the same but mean something different written down so you need to choose the right character for the sound as well. I guess the combinations are almost limitless but of course you wouldn't use any character. I mean you wouldn't name it "stupid donkey" or something. You could however combine those with good meanings.

I think for boys names meaning "career", "success" etc are popular and for girls "beauty", "gentle", "flower", "sweet" etc

I think Chinese students choose an English name in school, in English class. At least several teachers I know let their students choose one or choose them for the student.

I know several Korean students who chose an English name. It was quite interesting I asked them and the names of the Korean boys were Tiger, Kelly, Hitch and Teddy. I think they choose "cool" names or names of celebrities (Tiger Woods, Kelly Slater, Hitch the Date Doctor, Teddy Bear? hehe). The girls were Lily, Rachel, Mechelle (I bet she didn't know how to spell Michelle), Kate, Jennifer and Amy. Amy and Lily are especially common among Korean students. You should have seen Tiger. When he said "Hi, my name is Tiger" my best friend burst out laughing. It was too funny on him, he was very skinny and short and the way he said it was just too funny.

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