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Subject: Is it legit to use Noah on a girl?
Author: Lily8   (Authenticated as Lily8)
Date: April 18, 2009 at 3:15 PM

I need advice from someone who speaks Hebrew or knows enough about the language to help me with this. Please no speculations, just answer if you really do know something about this or have a dictionary etc in which it is explained.

Is Noah with an H legit for a girl?

Here is what I know so far:

- In Hebrew the male name Noah is pronounced more like Noach and not like NO-a

- In Hebrew the female name Noah, Noa is pronounced NO-a

- The male and female Noah have different meanings

- There is a female Noah in the bible who is sometimes spelled as Noah and sometimes as Noa, the daughter of Zelophehad

- NO-a is the number 1 girls name in Israel. In popularity charts it is translated as Noa, not as Noah.

- However, in Hebrew it is spelled with more characters than the male Noah which implies to me it should have that final H.

- Noah and Noa are both pronounced NO-a in English speaking countries. The female Noah is pronounced NO-a. Is it okay to spell it Noah, because it sounds the same as in Hebrew when we pronounce it? Or would someone from Israel think it's NO-ach?

I really need help with this. Any help is appreciated.

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