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Subject: Re: Is it legit to use Noah on a girl?
Author: Mackadal   (Authenticated as Mackadal)
Date: April 18, 2009 at 8:37 PM
Reply to: Is it legit to use Noah on a girl? by Lily8

The male Noah`s Hebrew letters: (remember that hebrewis read from right to left)
first letter is the n sound
next letter, when paired with the dot above it represents the o sound
final letter, the dot below represnts the a sound, as in "father" and the hump-shape does represent the "ch" sound, but is pronounced as in Gaelic, or the KH sound in armenian. You know, a gagging sound from the back of the throat. It is not pronounced as in chair.
best representation: no-aukh
The female Noa(h)`s hebrew letters:
first two letters are the same as in the male
next letter (the "y" shaped one) only serves as a "base" for the little t shape underneath. The little t can be pronounced like the a in father or the aw in saw. slight difference, but worth noting.
last letter is the equivalent of h in english
best representation:no-aw or no-au

Sorry that is all I can provide and sorry I don`t have a Hebrew font on my computer.

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