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Subject: Re: Origin and/or Meaning of given name REASON
Author: Undine   (Authenticated as Undine)
Date: April 23, 2009 at 5:39 AM
Reply to: Origin and/or Meaning of given name REASON by tehoop

I would assume that it is from the English word "reason" meaning "cause, motive" or the verb "to reason" meaning "to persuade using reasoning". The Puritans had a habit of using English words as names, so I highly doubt it has any Irish or Scottish origin.

Thou hast slain me, O my bride, and may it serve thee no whit,
For the soul within me loveth thee, not since yesterday nor today,
Thou has left me weak and broken in mien and in shape,
Betray me not who love thee, my Little Dark Rose!
From Róisín Dubh, translated by Patrick Pearse (1879–1916)

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