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Subject: Re: Mayken
Author: Dorchadas   (Authenticated as Lucille)
Date: November 30, 2017 at 8:40:30 PM
Reply to: Mayken by LiaMaria
When I was in secondary school 20 years ago, one of the girls in my main class was called Mayke. She pronounced her name as MIE-kə. Mayke is a more modern form of Mayken, as -ken is a medieval diminutive suffix and -ke is its younger form (but still rather rare and old-fashioned compared to other Dutch diminutives today, such as -je and -tje). For more information about Dutch diminutive suffixes, see here:

- (in English)

Mayke (and therefore Mayken also) could be regarded as a variant form of Maaike, which is usually said to be a diminutive of Maria. However, Elbowin's statement that it can be derived from feminine Germanic given names containing the Germanic element magin or megin is also a possibility. See also:

- (in Dutch)

- (in Dutch; clearly much more common right now than Mayken is)

- (in Dutch)

- (in Dutch)

The names Maike and Maiken are also used in West Frisian, according to page 84 of the book Fryske foarnammen / Friese voornamen written by Rienk de Haan and page 249 of Friesche Naamlijst (Onomasticon Frisicum) written by Johan Winkler in 1898. The latter can be downloaded right here:

- (in Dutch; click on the red-coloured word "document" in order to download the PDF-file)

Alright, that's all, I guess - I hope that was of some help to you. :)

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