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Subject: Re: Generation CAF with Namebanks
Author: CosimaCH   (guest)
Date: September 14, 2012 at 5:19 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF with Namebanks by rubymay92

H: Vincent Daniel (67)
W: Phoebe Amelia (65)

Vincent & Phoebe (Phee); Ethan, Lucy, Arabella, Catrin, Thomas, Simon, May, Anton, Abigail, and Charlotte.

S: Ethan George (47)
W: Annabelle (44)
-S: Theo Aaron (18)
-S: Oliver Leonardo (14)

Ethan & Annabelle; Theo and Oliver.

D: Lucy Sophia (45)
H: Dante Henry (50)
-S: Gabriel Oliver (19)
-D: Zara Maya (15)

Lucy & Dante; Gabriel and Zara.

D: Arabella Amelia (42)
H: Caleb David (40)
-D: Tamsin Thea (11)
-S: Rafael John (9)
-S: Jude Finlay (6)
-S: Henry Dylan (4)

Arabella & Caleb; Tamsin, Rafael, Jude, and Henry.

D: Catrin Isla (40)
H: Luca Sebastian (40)
-D: Rebecca Sophie (14)
-S: William George (13)
-D: Anna Lucia (10)

Catrin (Cat) & Luca; Rebecca, William (Liam), and Anna (Annie).

S: Thomas Leo (37)
W: Madeleine Stephanie (39)
-S: James Robert (14)
-D: Harriet Nathalie (7)
-S: Ezra Jack (4)
-D: Iris Sophie (1)

Thomas (Tom) & Madeleine (Maddie); James (Jim), Harriet (Hattie), Ezra, and Iris.

S: Simon Dexter (34)
W: Hannah Amelia (33)
-S: Daniel Liam (3)

Simon & Hannah; Daniel (Danny).

D: May Jessica (33)
H: Elliot Laurence (36)
-D: Mara Elizabeth (7)
-S: Conor Elliot (5)

May & Elliot; Mara and Conor.

S: Anton Finn (30)
W: Megan Emma (31)
-S: Joseph Finlay (5)
-S: Callum Angus (3)
-D: Sophia Rose (1)
-S: Samuel George (nb)

Anton & Megan; Joseph (Joe), Callum (Cal), Sophia (Sophie), and Samuel (Sam).

D: Abigail Emily (27)
H: Oscar William (29)
-D: Lily Miranda (6)
-S: Edward Declan (5)
-S: Tobias Luke (4)
-D: Kathleen Lucy (2)
-D: Olivia Hannah (1)

Abigail & Oscar; Lily, Edward (Teddy), Tobias (Toby), Kathleen (Katie), and Olivia (Liv).

D: Charlotte Rebecca (26)
H: Euan Harry (25)
-S: Dylan Harry (3)
-D: Jemima Alice (nb)

Charlotte (Lottie) & Euan; Dylan and Jemima.

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