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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: September 24, 2012 at 8:47 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010

H: [89] Ezra Benjamin
W: [78] Elsa Tabitha

D1: [54] Sophia Charlotte
S1: [53] Ezra Benjamin
S2: [42] Alexander Ezekiel

Ezra and Elsa
Sophia, Benji and Alex

D1: [54]
exH: [55] Henry Isaac

Sophia and Henry
Everett, Phoebe, Ivan, Miri, Hazel, Hiram, Nina and Ruthie

S: [36] Everett Maxwell

D: [34] Phoebe Anne
-exH: [41] Moses Graham
-S: [15] Moses Graham
-D: [13] Sadie Rebecca
-D: [11] Ivy Susannah
-S: [9] Patrick Russell

Phoebe and Moses
Mo, Sadie, Ivy and Patrick

-H: [39] Ian Dominic
-D/D/D: [5] Lila Bethany / Nora Delilah / Dalia Josephine
-S: [3] Ian Dominic
-S: [exp] Franklin Reid

Phoebe and Ian
Lila, Nora, Dalia, Dominic and Frankie

S: [32] Ivan Theodore
-W: [25] Jane Eleanor
-S: [7] Theodore Ivan
-D: [4] Eleanor Jane
-S: [2] Matthias Simeon
-S: [exp] Abner Royce

Ivan and Jane
Theo, Eleanor, Matthias and Abner

D: [30] Miriam Juliet
-H: [30] Norman Anthony
-D: [exp] Adela Mercy

Miri and Norman

D: [29] Hazel Magdalen
-H: [28] Jonah Timothy

Hazel and Jonah

S: [28] Hiram Gordon
-W: [26] Allison Lizbeth
-S/D: [3] Hosea Ephraim / June Hadassah
-D: [2] Penelope Athena
-S: [exp] Quentin Blake

Hiram and Allison
Hosea, June, Poppy and Quentin

D: [26] Nina Beatrix
-H: [27] Roland Azriel

Nina and Roland

D: [25] Ruthie Rosemary
-F: [25] Uriel Preston

Ruthie and Uri

H: [57] Asa Ishmael

Daisy and Declan

Sophia and Asa
Beau and Lia

H'sD: [26] Daisy Cora
-H: [28] Samson Mordecai
-D/D: [5] Aviva Hope / Keziah Dorothy
-S/D: [3] Dexter Israel / Maeve Jezebel
-D: [1] Daphne Zipporah

Daisy and Samson
Aviva, Keziah, Dex, Maeve and Daphne

H'sS: [24] Declan Bartholomew
-W: [21] Talia Rafaela
-D: [1] Olive Jordana
-D: [exp] Rafaela Talia

Declan and Talia
Olive and Ela

S: [22] Beau Samuel
-F: [20] Elodie Paloma

Beau and Elodie

D: [19] Lia Bridget
-BF: [21] Camden Arthur
-D/S: [1] Gemma Amity / Atticus Boaz

Lia and Cam
Gemma and Atticus

S1: [53]
W: [53] Verity Maxine

D: [23] Rowena Summer
-BF: [23] Sidney Cornelius

D: [21] Astrid Virginia
S: [19] Julius Ashton
D: [17] Iris Miranda
D: [16] Evie Ariel
S: [10] Broderick Lane
D: [8] Verity Maxine

Benji and Verity
Rowena, Astrid, Jules, Iris, Evie, Brock and Vera

Rowena and Sid

S2: [42]
W: [36] Lilith Maryam

D: [18] Sylvia Adelaide
-BF: [21] Callum Edmund
-D/D: [exp] Sarina Myrtle / Millicent Luella

D/D: [13] Layla Eloise / Ivana Cadence
D: [10] Melody Ruth
D: [8] Veronica Pearl
S: [5] Thomas Abraham
S: [3] Bennett Isaac
D: [exp] Willow Camille

Alex and Lily
Sylvia, Layla, Ivana, Melody, Veronica, Thomas, Ben and Willow

Sylvia and Callum
Sarina and Millie

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