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Subject: Re: New Congrats by Eris - Round 6 + Question
Author: birdy2 nsi   (guest)
Date: October 6, 2012 at 9:40 AM
Reply to: New Congrats by Eris - Round 6 by Eris

birdy2 (8)

LN: Bartlett

DW: Ivy Caroline (Wolf)
DH: Silas Theodore Bartlett

DS: Jack Meriweather Winston
--DW: Cecilia Rose (Abernathy) Bartlett
--DS: Hugo Peregrine
--DS: Ezra Jefferson
DD: Alice Penelope Harper (Bartlett) Meza
--DH: Wyatt Alexander Meza
DS: Sebastian Bean
--Dgf: Poppy Jemima (Eubanks) Bartlett
--DD: Hazel Promise
DD: Lou Nightingale
DS/DD: Benjamin Akós / Winona Shea
ADD: Nnenne Esperanza
DD: Elspeth Penelope

I just realized my daughter is Sebastian and my son is Lou. I've just switched it so my son is Seb and daughter Lou. Is that okay?

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