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Subject: Re: One Family NTNB Round VII
Author: Weirwood   (Authenticated as Weirwood)
Date: February 13, 2013 at 9:09:44 AM
Reply to: One Family NTNB Round VII by Loki
The Candle Family {Ninor}

DH: Gabriel Alfie Candle {Millie}
DW: Zelda Emilie (Muhlenhouser) Candle {molly}

DS: August Christoph Candle {Viatrix}
-DW: Elliot Svea (Lindqvist) Candle {Ninor}
--DS: Ford Harvey Candle {Jessamine}
---DW: Pascale Sara (Churchill) Candle {Weirwood}
----DS: Sabre Bradford Candle {Jessamine}
----DS: Axt Rutherford Candle
--DD: "Prim" Primrose Etta Candle {Ninor}
---DH: Mackenzie Keith Wald "Mack"
--DD: Addison Mavis Candle {Millie}
ADD: Meiling Claudia Candle [Beijing, China] {**Hiddlestoner_26**}
-DH: Lawrence Akio Takahiro {NurseMom75}
--DD: Harper Ling Nanami Takahiro-Xylander {AhaRememo}
---DH: "Zed" Zedekiah Yosef Xylander {**Hiddlestoner_26**}
----DD: Isadora Josephina Ariane Beatrice Xylander
--DS: Mason Qui Hideaki Takahiro {Jessamine}
DS: Becker Martin Candle {Ninor} {Grady's Twin}
-DW: Caoimhe Neasa (O'Niall) Candle {Millie}
--DS: Jesper Wulf Candle {Millie} {John's Twin}
---DW: Lieze Maite (DeMaere) Candle {Shay}
----DD/DS: Juliette Aria Candle/Matthias Owen Candle
--DS: John Karsten Candle {**Hiddlestoner_26} {Jesper's Twin}
---Dgf: Margarid Eloise Davidyan {Weirwood}
----DD: Lucienne Talin Liesl Davidyan-Candle {Shay}
----DS: Jakob Levon Renaud Davidyan-Candle
--DD/DD/DD: Evelina Maeve Candle {AhaRememo} / Emma Liadan Candle {**Hiddlestoner_26**} / Elinor Bidelia Candle {AhaRememo}
DS: Grady Matthias Candle {Jessamine} {Becker's Twin}
-DW: Koralia (Stathopoulos) Candle {**Hiddlestoner_26}
--DS/DD: Kaleo Dionysios Candle {Ninor} / Poet Theodora Candle {NurseMom75}
--DD: Gypsy Aurora Candle {LM}

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