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Subject: Re: Kelsey's Congrats Round 7. + note
Author: zombieoftheweek   (Authenticated as zombieoftheweek)
Date: February 24, 2013 at 9:21:41 AM
Reply to: Kelsey's Congrats Round 7. by Kelsey
Username: Zombieoftheweek
Surname: Endicott
W: Juliette Eva Endicott
W: Simone Marianne Estévez
DD: Rosalynn Mary-Anne
- H: Zachary Elijah Monroe
DS/DD: Jude Dane / Juno Pearl
ADS: Simon Dante
DS: Leon Julian
DS: Caleb Damien
DD/DS: Daria Joy / Adair Blythe

You didn't say anything about the SOs surname, so I just used a presidential name. Hope that's okay!

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