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Subject: Sign up please?
Author: Millie   (Authenticated as ImSorryIfILoveYou96)
Date: March 15, 2018 at 12:18:35 PM
Reply to: Adoption Congrats - Round 1 by Ariel

Full Name: Maxine Mary Morse
Age: 40
Bio: Max is a fun-loving, childish, stubborn and caring person who is always looking for new and exciting ways to spend time with her family. She gives all of herself over to caring for her family and doing her bit for others. Once trained as a primary teacher in England, Max then spent her 20s travelling around the Americas and Asia, never settling down but having amazing experiencing teaching a wide range of children. All Max ever wanted was to settle down and have a family but in her early 30s she'd come to terms with the idea that that might not happen... Until she fell pregnant after a fling! With Octavia's father wanting out of her life, Max was determined to raise her baby single-handedly to the best of her ability. Max loves baking, adventure, movies, writing, reading and outdoor walks.

Full Name: Luka Niklaus Geissler
Age: 45
Bio: Luka knew as a young man that he was never going to have any children and was okay with this fact. Until he met Max Morse and all he could think was that he wanted a family with her. Luka is German and grew up in Switzerland but met Max by chance in a coffee shop while visiting his brother in England. Convincing Max that they could make a relationship work even when Luka had to return to his job as a jeweller in Switzerland, was tough going but for 9months they were long distance before Luka made the decision to move to England. Luka is warm-hearted, funny and caring; he loves taking his family out for quirky day trips and planning exciting activities for them to do together.

Full Name: Octavia Mary Geissler-Morse
Age: 8
Bio: Octavia is growing up to be a polite, softly-spoken (though sometimes stubborn like her mother), energetic and caring child. She understands her biological dad isn't in her life but Luka has been in her life since she was 3 and she wouldn't have it any other way. Octavia loves to learn, her dad is teaching her German and Octavia has picked it amazingly (much better than Max anyway!), she also goes to swimming lessons, gymnastics and is currently in the process of begging her parents to start horse riding! Octavia can't wait to have younger siblings to play with, read to, perform to and teach. She dreams of following in her mum's footsteps to be a teacher, following in her dad's to "play with jewellery" but also to be an actress.

Family location: UK
Language the family speaks: English, German


Domestic or international adoption?: Domestic [UK based - or from Germany if necessary]
Open or closed adoption?: Either
Preferred number of children: 3
Age preference: Under 7
Gender preference: either
Would the family be willing (or prefer) to adopt
—Siblings?: Willing
—Twins or triplets?: Willing
—Children with disabilities? (If yes, please specify the severity of disability they would accept): Willing to take on children with mild learning difficulties that would not impact on the child's adulthood independence; also willing to take on children with behavioural/emotional disabilities such as ASD or ADHD; also willing to take on children with delayed speech or SpLC difficulties.
—Children with diseases? (If yes, please specify the severity of disease they would accept): Unwilling
—Children with prior disciplinary records?: Willing
—Pregnant teenagers or teen parents?: Unwilling
Other preferences: N/A
^Top 2 = Alexei / Luka and Cressida ~~ Bottom 2 = Courage and Indiana (m)

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