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Subject: Re: Adoption Agency
Author: ishild   (Authenticated as ishild)
Date: March 20, 2018 at 12:52:47 AM
Reply to: Adoption Agency by saphirdufeu
Family members
Full name: Henry James Macbeth Thompson
Age: 35
Occupation: freelance photographer
About [Personality, background, etc]: Witty, dry sense of humor, loves traveling and photography. Adores his wife and daughters, organizes his work around his family and not the other way around. He is the youngest of three, both his parents are deceased, he is very close to his older brother and sister and their families.

Full name: Lara Lynn (Grath) Thompson
Age: 35
Occupation: social worker
About [Personality, background, etc]: Caring, sweet, outgoing, loves people, cooking and books. Being psychically abused by her parents in her childhood she has no contact with them or her five half-siblings that come from their subsequent marriages. She is passionate about her work and whatever free time she has is spent with her husband and daughters.

Full name: Theodora Mary Elizabeth Thompson "Thea"
Age: 11
Occupation: student
About [Personality, background, etc]: Outgoing, nurturing and sweet. Thea is the older sister every child should have, she adores her siblings and would stand up for them no matter what. She inherited her mother's love in cooking and is often found in the kitchen. She also likes dancing and attends ballet classes. She wants to be a cook and open her own restaurant once she is grown up.

Full name: Persephone Diana Victoria Thompson "Posey"
Age: 10
Occupation: student
About [Personality, background, etc]: Shy, sweet and nerdy. Posey is the introvert of the family. She loves her books and loves to read them, all alone. Not that her sisters accept that often, but they all get along very well. She is working on her book, so far only Thea had the privilege to read it and loves it so far. She is a great student and wants to study literature in the future.

Full name: Arabella Camilla Charlotte Thompson "Bell"
Age: 6
Occupation: students
About [Personality, background, etc]: Outgoing, active and witty. Bell is the tomboy of the family. She is always on the go and has never ending energy. Her parents signed her up for soccer and gymnastics to help her release some of it.

Whole family

Location: London, UK
Language(s) spoken: English, Spanish
Religion [if any]: none
Any other notes: N/A


Preferred number of children: 2
Age preference: 0-5
Gender preference: no preference
Domestic or international adoption: domestic
(If international) Preferred country/countries: n/a
Open or closed adoption: closed
Would the family accept:
Siblings? yes
Twins or triplets? yes
Disabled/ill children? no
Pregnant teens/teen parents? no
Children with a disciplinary record/behavioural issues? no
Any other preferences/notes? no

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