Subject: Re: Generation CAF (5 of 9)
Author: AhaRememo   (guest)
Date: October 19, 2019 at 6:30 AM
Reply to: Generation CAF (5 of 9) by Belphoebe

LN: White
DH: Gabriel Sebastian
DW: Annabeth Davina

DD1: Greta Tierney
DH: Raphael Vance Paterson
-DS: Charles Simeon
-DS: Malcolm Duncan
-DS: Ellis Penn
-DS: Stone Beckett

DD2: Amalia Sage
DW: Alexandria Jessica Travers
-DS: Shane Dominic
-DD: Cassandra Lauren
-DD: Kirsten Tori

DD3: Stasia Arden
DH: Benjamin Neil Ray
-DS: Andrew Victor
-DD: Maggie Maria
-DS: William Henry
-DS: Vance Anthony
-DS: Jack Charles
-DD: Antonia Teresa
-DD: Elisabeth Daphne

DD4: Celia Joy
DH: Alexi Luka Grbić
-DS: Boris Bohdan
-DD/DD/DD: Zofia Tatiana & Veronica Severina & Raya Alexandra

DD5: Ariadne Christiana
DD6: Jill-Celeste Calla
DD7: Flora Belle
DD8: Arista Haven

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