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Subject: Re: [Oct 19] ~ Name the family! + note
Author: Uilos   (Authenticated as Erme Ioainna)
Date: October 20, 2019 at 12:08:45 AM
Reply to: Re: [Oct 19] ~ Name the family! + note by ari.
If I may correct you, the wife of DS (from the initial family) is Icelandic, not Finnish! The -son and -dotter ending patronymics were used in Finland in the past until surnames became common and finally compulsory in 1921. When it comes to married couples, they may adopt the surname that either spouse had as non-married (normally it's the husband's surname; double-barrelled names are also used) or they may keep their names which is more common nowadays.

Formerly known as Remora L.
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