Subject: Re: Generation CAF (5 of 9)
Author: SecondStar   (Authenticated as SecondStar)
Date: October 20, 2019 at 12:23 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF (5 of 9) by Belphoebe

H: Lev Anthony Forester
W: Ripley Celeste [Boswell] Forester

D1: Greta June [Forester] Katrenich
D2: Elodie Maeve [Forester] Reyer
D3: Lark Francesca [Forester] Rowley
D4/D5: Arden Tierney [Forester] Goreczny / Amalia Belle Forester
D6: Jordana Nell Forester
D7: Holland Rosabel Forester
D8: Liviana Elle Forester

Lev & Ripley || Greta, Elodie, Lark, Arden, Amalia, Jordana, Holland and Liviana


D1: Greta June [Forester] Katrenich
H: Theo Murphy Katrenich

S1: Deacon Rhys Katrenich
S2: Penn Gideon Katrenich
S3: Malcolm Clark Katrenich
S4: Callum Beckett Katrenich

Theo & Greta || Deacon, Penn, Malcolm and Cal


D2: Elodie Maeve [Forester] Reyer
H: Zachary Shane Reyer

D1: Haley Alexandria Reyer
D2: Bethany Lauren Reyer
S1: Tyson Dominic Reyer

Zach & Elodie || Haley, Bethany and Ty


D3: Lark Francesca [Forester] Rowley
H: Quentin Charles Rowley

S1: Roman Michael Rowley
D1: Leah Hope Rowley
S2: Wesley Harrison Rowley
S3: Brooks William Rowley
S4: Maxwell Benjamin Rowley
D2: Caroline Eve Rowley
D3: Elisabeth Juliet Rowley

Quentin & Lark || Roman, Leah, Wes, Brooks, Max, Caroline and Lissy


D4: Arden Tierney [Forester] Goreczny
H: Luka Milan Goreczny

S1: Dominik Alexi Goreczny
D1/D2/D3: Magdalena Zofia Goreczny / Tatiana Antonina Goreczny / Nadia Ekaterina Goreczny

Luka & Arden || Dom, Maggie, Tatiana and Nadia

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