Subject: Re: Generation CAF (5 of 9)
Author: WillowBelle   (Authenticated as WillowBelle)
Date: October 20, 2019 at 7:58 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF (5 of 9) by Belphoebe

LN: Wendell

DH: David Anthony
DW: Marjorie June

DD1: Amalia June Wendell
DD2: Elodie Rhea Wendell
DD3: Octavia Nell Wendell
DD4: Annabeth Cleo Wendell
DD5: Greta Rosabel Wendell
DD6: Joy Marcella Wendell
DD7: Mae Francesca Wendell
DD8: Zia Emmeline Wendell

DD1: Amalia June Wendell
DH: Remington Pryce "Trey" Pierpont, III

DS: Remington Pryce "Pryce" Pierpont, IV
DS: Garrick Fletcher Pierpont
DS: Charles Beckett Pierpont
DS: Reeve Lawson Pierpont

DD2: Elodie Rhea Wendell
DH: Shane Donovan Trevelyan

DD: Alyssa Caitlin Trevelyan
DS: Dylan Shane Trevelyan
DS: Jared Dominic Trevelyan

DD3: Octavia Nell Wendell
SO2: Joseph Charles Ricchetti

DS: Anthony Charles Ricchetti
DD: Daphne Maria Ricchetti
DS: Clayton James Ricchetti
DS: Neil William Ricchetti
DS: Quentin Joseph Ricchetti
DD: Celia Caroline "Cece" Ricchetti
DD: Ivy Elizabeth Ricchetti

DD4: Annabeth Cleo Wendell
DH: Nikolai Jovan Gresky

DS: Valentin Anton Gresky
DD/DD/DD/: Juliana Lara & Ekaterina Zora "Katia" & Marcela Raya Gresky


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