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Subject: Re: Find a Grave Generation CAF XVIV
Author: Emaleigh   (Authenticated as Lilly-Elise)
Date: October 21, 2019 at 1:51:54 PM
Reply to: Find a Grave Generation CAF XVIV by Kinola
DH: Johan Gunnar Hovland
DW: Gustava Mathilde Hovland (nee Eggen)

DS1: Arne Osmund Hovland
DS2: Einar Guttorm Hovland
DD1: Anniken Gunvor Hovland “Annie”
DS3: Jakob Kåre Hovland
DD2: Gerda Maren Hovland

Johan & Gustava Hovland: Arne, Einar, Annie, Jakob, & Gerda

DS1: Arne Osmund Hovland
DW: Signe Torborg Hovland (nee Sunde)

-DS1: Bjarne Nils Hovland
—DW: Ovidia Kari Hovland (nee Mortensen) “Dia”
—DS1: Anton Osvald Hovland
—DD1: Astrid Jorunn Hovland
—DS2: Bjarte Dagfinn Hovland

-DS2: Carl Eilert Hovland
—GF: Else Thalania Pihl

-DS3: Hans Thorlief Hovland
—Fiancée: Anna Gunhild Eriksen
—DS1: Asbjørn Gerhard Hovland

Arne & Signe Hovland: Bjarne, Carl, & Hans
Bjarne & Dia Hovland: Anton, Astrid, & Bjarte
Carl Hovland & Else Pihl
Hans Hovland & Anna Eriksen: Asbjørn

DS2: Einar Guttorm Hovland
DW: Gudrun Martha Hovland (nee Tofte)

-DS1: Åsmund Helge Hovland
—DW: Ljubinka Nedeljka Hovland (nee Gavrilović)
—DS1: Gudmund Nenad Hovland
—DD1: Haldis Petra Hovland
—DS2: Josif Zoran Hovland “Joe”

-DD1: Brynhild Stina Hovland “Bryn”
—Fiancé: Tomas Leiv Spillum
—DS1: Aksel Ivar Spillum

-DS2: Eilert Walter Hovland
—GF: Wilhelmine Johanna Fromm “Hela”

-DD2: Caroline Berit Wilmer (nee Hovland)
—DH: David Joshua Wilmer
—ADD1: Beatrice Eline Wilmer “Bea”
—ADD2: Kayla Ragnhild Wilmer “Kay”

Einar & Gudrun Hovland: Åsmund, Bryn, Eilert, & Caroline
Åsmund & Ljubinka Hovland: Gudmund, Haldis, & Joe
Bryn Hovland & Tomas Spillum: Aksel
Eiler Hovland & Hela Fromm
Caroline & David Wilmer: Bea & Kay

DD1: Anniken Gunvor Sarmento (nee Hovland) “Annie”
DH: Humberto Rafael Sarmento “Bert”

-DD1: Assunção Karoline Moura (nee Sarmento)
—DH: Reinaldo Alcides Moura “Aldo”
—DS1: Augusto Vicente Moura
—DS2: Flávio Guiomar Moura
—DS3: Joaquim Ayrton Moura

-DS1: Amando Tiago Sarmento
—Fiancée: Eileen Geneva Hyde
—DS1: Brody Lake Sarmento
—DD2: Beatriz Marcela Sarmento

-DD2: Dagmar Ingrid Sarmento
—BF: Jerzy Stanisław Tarnowski

Annie & Bert Sarmento: Assunção, Amando, & Dagmar
Assunção & Aldo Moura: Augusto, Flávio, & Joaquim
Amando Sarmento & Eileen Hyde: Brody & Beatriz
Dagmar Sarmento & Jerzy Tarnowski

DS3: Jakob Kåre Braaten-Hovland
DH: Nils Waldemar Braaten-Hovland

-ADD1: Borghild Lovise Kairys (nee Braaten-Hovland)
—DH: Mykolas Petras Kairys
—DD1: Anna Tordis Kairys
—DD2: Charlotte Elbjørg Kairys

-ADS1: Anders Leif Braaten-Hovland
—DW: Luigia Virginia Braaten-Hovland (nee Zabarella) “Gia”
—DS1: Enzo Tormod Braaten-Hovland
—DD1: Adriana Lilly Braaten-Hovland
—DS2: Knut Sjur Braaten-Hovland

-ADD2: Dagrun Pernille Braaten-Hovland
—Fiancé: Trygve Agnar Asheim “Ry”

ADS2: Carl Ludolf Braaten-Hovland
—BF: Matthew Cyrus Swanson

Jakob & Nils Braaten-Hovland: Borghild, Anders, Dagrun, & Carl
Borghild & Mykolas Kairys: Anna & Charlotte
Anders & Gia Braaten-Hovland: Enzo, Adriana, & Knut
Dagrun Braaten-Hovland & Ry Asheim
Carl Braaten-Hovland & Matthew Swanson

DD2: Gerda Maren Onstad (nee Hovland)
DH: Rasmus Sivert Onstad

-DD1: Jensina Rakel Munch (nee Onstad) “Sina”
—DH: Torstein Paul Munch
—DD1: Elise Vigdis Munch

-DS1: Alv Vidar Onstad
—Fiancée: Vassiliki Maria Panousis “Vassa”
—DS1: Antonios Lauritz Onstad

-DD2: Magnhild Camilla Onstad “Hild”
—BF: Eijiro Keisuke Fushimi “Jiro”
—DD1: Chizuko Hege Fushimi-Onstad

-DS2: Birger Dag Onstad
-DD3: Nanna Gry Onstad

Gerda & Rasmus Onstad: Sina, Alv, Hild, Birger, & Nanna
Sina & Torstein Munch: Elise
Alv Onstad & Vassa Panousis: Antonios
Hild Onstad & Jiro Fushimi: Chizuko

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