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Subject: The Intintola Family!
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: October 21, 2019 at 6:43:38 PM
Reply to: Namebank CAF 1/10 by ari.
The Intintola Family

H: George Oliver Intintola
W: Nancy Robyn (Scarpa) Intintola

D1: Emily Georgia Intintola
D2: Olivia Florence Intintola, "Livvy"
D3: Jessica Daisy Intintola, "Jessie"
D4: Sofia Willow Intintola
D5: Isabella Rose Intintola, "Bella"
D6: Mia Jasmine Intintola
D7: Aria Elizabeth Intintola
D8: Eleanor Aurora Intintola, "Elle"
D9: Matilda Charlotte Intintola, "Mattie"


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