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Subject: Re: Small CAF w/ occupations
Author: Jessamine   (Authenticated as JesikaJayne)
Date: January 15, 2020 at 6:42:02 PM
Reply to: Small CAF w/ occupations by Daffodil
DH [56] Ng Weiyin [Magazine editor]
DW [52] Yael Anne-Charlotte {Villiers} Ng [Textile designer]

DS [29] Max André Ng [Pianist]
DD [26] Maïa Lou Ng [Music therapist]
DD [22] Téa Soline Ng [Barista]


DS [29] Max André Ng [Pianist]
DW [25] Kwan Xiexia [Yoga instructor]

DS [3] Wyatt Oscar Kwan Ng
DD [2] Zoe Violette Kwan Ng
DS [exp] Felix Maxime Kwan Ng


DD [26] Maïa Lou Ng [Music therapist]
DH [27] Brice Anthony Bellamy [Geologist]

DHsDS [6] Daniel Hector Bellamy
DHsDS [4] David Auguste Bellamy
DD [1] Lydia Gwen Bellamy
DD [1] Maxine Alana Bellamy


DD [22] Téa Soline Ng [Barista]
DH [25] Alexander Mehdi Mazini

DD [exp] Kahina Joy Mazini

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