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Subject: Re: Birds Congratulations Game: Child Three’s Fam
Author: Emaleigh   (Authenticated as Lilly-Elise)
Date: January 24, 2020 at 5:53:53 PM
Reply to: Birds Congratulations Game: Child Three’s Fam by Belphoebe
DH: Lennox Blaine Amsel
DW: Rue Isabella Amsel (nee Arrington)

DD: Nia Shay Ambrose (nee Amsel)
-DH: Percival Elijah Ambrose
--DD: Clarissa Hope Ambrose
--DD: Blake Lilac Ambrose
--DS: Owen Wilder Ambrose

DD: Fay Elizabeth Amsel-Rhodes
-DW: Calliope Ophelia Amsel-Rhodes
--DD: Carter Opal Amsel-Rhodes
--DD: Austyn Beryl Amsel-Rhodes
--DS: Robert Oscar Amsel-Rhodes
--DS: William Nicholas Amsel-Rhodes

DS: Owen Timothy Amsel
-DW: Cassidy Honora Amsel (nee Charles)
--DD: Ariana Ramona Amsel
--DS: Caleb Owen Amsel
--DS: Alek Liam Amsel

DS: Elijah Ronald Amsel
DS/DS: Felix Oswald Amsel/ Nico Oscar Amsel

Lennox & Rue Amsel: Nia, Fay, Owen, Elijah, Felix, & Nico
Nia & Percival Ambrose: Clarissa, Blake, & Owen
Fay & Calliope Amsel-Rhodes: Carter, Austyn, Robert, & William
Owen & Cassidy Amsel: Ariana, Caleb, & Alek

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