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Angelo in the collective imagination is also seen but also referred to in sacred texts as the Angelo of God, the bearer and proclaimer of God's word...our guardian angel!
It's okay, it's a cool and awesome name.
In the Philippines. In Spanish pronunciation it may be pronounce Ang-khe-lo.
Angelo is a strong and classic name, and more mature than Angel.
Angelo from the television show Angelo Rules.
Can also be an English name.
Prefer Angel.
Angelo is a beautiful name, but not flexible with nicknames. I still like it a lot, though.
Pretty and strong name for a boy, better than Angel.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Angelo who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 790th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
There is also a band with this name.
Angelo is such a charming name!
I love the name with its meaning. I think much of this UNIQUE name and it should be given more often.
I've known people without any Italian connection who had this name. (Why not? Angela is common enough.)
I like this name a lot!
Though it can be seen as a stereotypical Italian name, I still love it and think it sounds very.... well, angelic, ha ha. Though it does need to be used less, as the more Angelos come into the world, the more stale and boring the name becomes.
I love this name, I think it should be used more.
I sincerely believe that this name has been given to good people. I love the name.
This is a brilliantly handsome name. :)
Loooooooooooooove this name. It's so melodic. I prefer "Ahn-jeh-loh" as opposed to "Anne-jeh-low", which is inevitably how anyone in my area would pronounce it. Sigh.
Angelo Correr was the birthname of Pope Gregory XII (Pontificate between 1406-1415).
Angelo Roncalli was the birthname of Pope John XXIII (Pontificate between 1958-1963).
In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard said that he wished he was named Angelo because it was like a combination of Angel and Jello. Pretty cool, I think.
In Italy it is very traditional and religious name, no more very common nowadays. The pronunciation is AHN-je-law.
The name ANGELO in detail means Angel of peace or Messenger of peace.
I really like this name. It's unique and sounds strong.
Angelo is the name of the human spounge in the Pretender.
I'm a massive fan of this name. I'm also happy that it's become more popular.