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Real name Panda (no kidding!)
I'm nylonpanda, and I love working on new names with this site! You can call me Panda, it's my real name ;)

Panda? What the heck did you say? Heck yes did I say Panda. And I'm gonna tell you a story.

As I am from the US, it could be normal to have ridiculous names. But my family was not from the US. Their names were all Arabic but I looked and was originated from America. I looked like a pure white girl.
My parents named me Pandora, and my relatives were extremely upset by their choice. But I was okay. I went by Panda or Dora. Until I was 13. Bullying occurs. I was told I had a black name, and my parents wanted me to be Panda but my relatives "bullied" me. That's true.
Age fourteen, I go by Panda. I say my full name is Panda. I'm proud to be Pandora but I like to keep that tidy and small. I don't want to change Pandora to Panda. I like how it is. But, I have always had pure respect. I love being Panda.

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Submitted Names

ALERIC   m   English
Variant of Alaric.
VIOLETKA   f   Bulgarian (?)
Possibly a Bulgarian diminutive of Violet.
GIASELLA   f   Various
May possibly derived from Gazelle, but unlikely.

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How is THIS name girly? Sounds nothing close to girly at all.
What an ugly spelling. They turned a blooming flower to a dead bush.


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