Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. JEHN-ə(English)

Meaning & History

Variant of JENNY. Use of the name was popularized in the 1980s by the character Jenna Wade on the television series Dallas [1].

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesLashawn(African American) Gwenhwyfar, Guenevere, Guinevere(Arthurian Romance) Jone(Basque) Zhanna(Belarusian) Joanna(Biblical) Ioanna(Biblical Greek) Iohanna(Biblical Latin) Yanna(Breton) Ioana, Ivana, Yana, Yanka, Yoana(Bulgarian) Joana(Catalan) Jenifer(Cornish) Ghjuvanna(Corsican) Ivana(Croatian) Ivana, Jana, Johana, Žaneta(Czech) Johanna, Johanne, Jeanette(Danish) Jana, Janna, Jennifer, Jenny, Johanna, Janine, Jeanette, Jeanine, Jeannette(Dutch) Jaana, Jana, Janika, Johanna(Estonian) Jóna(Faroese) Jeanne, Johanne, Guenièvre, Janine, Jeanette, Jeanine, Jeannette, Jeannine(French) Xoana(Galician) Jana, Janina, Jennifer, Jenny, Johanna, Janine(German) Gianna, Ioanna, Yanna, Yianna(Greek) Dzsenifer, Johanna, Zsanett(Hungarian) Jenný, Jóhanna, Jóna(Icelandic) Chevonne, Shavonne, Shevaun, Shevon, Síne, Siobhán, Sinéad(Irish) Giovanna, Ginevra(Italian) Johanna(Late Roman) Žanna(Latvian) Janina, Žaneta(Lithuanian) Ivana, Jovana(Macedonian) Jehanne, Johanne(Medieval French) Johanna, Johanne, Jeanette(Norwegian) Janina, Joanna, Żaneta(Polish) Joana(Portuguese) Ioana(Romanian) Yana, Zhanna, Zhannochka(Russian) Giuanna(Sardinian) Jean, Sheena, Sìne, Jessie, Sìneag, Teasag(Scottish) Ivana, Jovana(Serbian) Ivana, Jana, Žaneta(Slovak) Ivana, Jana(Slovene) Jenifer, Jennifer, Jenny, Juana(Spanish) Yenifer, Yenny(Spanish (Latin American)) Janina, Janna, Jennifer, Jenny, Johanna, Jeanette, Jennie(Swedish) Ivanna, Yana, Zhanna(Ukrainian) Shan, Siân, Siana, Siani, Sioned(Welsh) Gwenhwyfar(Welsh Mythology)
User SubmissionJenna


People think this name is

modern   youthful   informal   natural   wholesome   refined   simple  

Name Days

Finland: July 21


Sources & References

  1. Evans, Cleveland Kent. The Great Big Book of Baby Names. Publications International, 2006, page 462.

Entry updated February 4, 2020