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Meaning & History

Short form of WILLIAM or other names beginning with Will. A famous bearer is American actor Will Smith (1968-), whose full name is Willard.
VariantsBill, Wil, Willie, Willy
DiminutivesBillie, Billy
Feminine FormsWilhelmina, Willa
Other Languages & CulturesWilhelm, Willahelm Ancient Germanic Gwilherm Breton Guillem Catalan Vilim, Vilko Croatian Vilém Czech Vilhelm Danish Wilhelmus, Willem, Jelle, Pim, Wil, Willy, Wim Dutch Vilhelmo, Vilĉjo Esperanto Villem Estonian Vilhelm, Viljami, Jami, Vilhelmi, Vilho, Vili, Viljo, Ville Finnish Guillaume French Wilhelm, Willi, Willy, Wim German Vilmos, Vili Hungarian Vilhjálmur Icelandic Uilliam, Liam, Uilleag, Ulick Irish Guglielmo Italian Vilhelms, Vilis Latvian Wöllem, Wullem, Wum Limburgish Vilhelmas Lithuanian Illiam Manx Wiremu Maori Wilkin, Wilky, Wilmot Medieval English Vilhelm Norwegian Wilhelm Polish Guilherme Portuguese Uilleam Scottish Viliam Slovak Viljem, Vili, Vilko Slovene Guillermo Spanish Vilhelm, Ville Swedish Gwilym, Gwil, Gwilim, Gwillym Welsh


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