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Comments for ADRIAN

This is my brother's name! I think it's nice, but I don't like the English pronunciation, I prefer the Romanian pronunciation, ah-dree-AHN.
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for AGNESE

I think this name is cute. I prefer the Italian version to the English one.
malchik  4/17/2020
Agnese Mondella is the mother of Lucia Mondella, main character of Manzoni's "The Betrothed".
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for ARIEL

Love the name, mainly on boys though.
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for BEPPE

Beppe is actually a very old fashioned name in Italy. Most Beppes I know are 40 - 60 year old uncles, lol.
malchik  4/29/2020

Comments for HENRIETTA

I would add "Enrichetta" to the Italian variants. It's very rare, but not impossible. My ancient Greek teacher was named Enrichetta. Granted, she was very old. [noted -ed]
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for KIT

I like Kit! But I can only see it for boys, for some reason. Maybe because of Kit Marlowe.
malchik  4/29/2020

Comments for LOVE (2)

God, I shouldn't like this but...I do.
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for MĂDĂLINA

It's pronounced [mədəˈlina], aka muh-duh-LEE-nah. Mind the difference between the "uh" and "ah" sound! [noted -ed]
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for MARFA

I love this version of Martha, it sounds kinder. I especially love the diminutive "Marfusha"! I heard it in Road to Calvary and I thought it was so sweet!
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for OLEG

This name might seem ugly when you see it written, but I fell in love with it and its Russian pronunciation: ah- LYEK. It's just so sweet!
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for RODION

I fell in love with this name after reading Crime and Punishment!
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for TALITHA

I feel like this is one of those "old fashioned" names that could easily make a come back!
malchik  4/17/2020

Comments for TANCREDI

There's something very beautiful and elegant about this name.
malchik  5/18/2020

Comments for TIFFANY

Out of all of the "popular 2009 high school mean girl" names, this is the only one that I like.
malchik  4/17/2020