Gender Masculine
Scripts Олег(Russian) ოლეგ(Georgian)
Pronounced Pron. u-LYEHK(Russian)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Russian form of the Old Norse name Helgi (see Helge). The Varangians brought this name from Scandinavia to eastern Europe: it was borne by a 9th-century Varangian ruler who conquered Kyiv and made it the capital of the state of Kievan Rus.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesAleh(Belarusian) Helge(Danish) Helge(Finnish) Helge(German) Helgi(Icelandic) Oļegs(Latvian) Helge(Norwegian) Helgi(Old Norse) Helge(Swedish) Oleh(Ukrainian)


People think this name is

classic   mature   upper class   wholesome   strong   strange   simple   serious   nerdy  

Name Days

Bulgaria: July 11
Czechia: September 20
Poland: September 20
Slovakia: September 10


Entry updated June 9, 2023