Name Element GAUT

Type Element

Meaning & History

Germanic element meaning "Geat, Goth", referring to the tribes.

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Other Languages & Culturesgautr(Old Norse)
Given Name DescendantsGautbert, Gautselin, Gautvin(Ancient Germanic) Goswin(Dutch) Jocelyn, Joselyn, Joslyn, Jocelin, Josceline, Josslyn(English) Jocelin, Joceline, Jocelyn, Jocelyne, Josselin, Josseline, Gaubert(French) Gaute(Norwegian) Joscelin(Old Norman) Gauti(Old Norse) Yoselin(Spanish (Latin American)) Göta, Göte(Swedish)
Surname DescendantsVergoossen(Dutch) Joubert(French)
Entry updated June 13, 2019