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Hi, I am jGhazt09, and I am on this site and here are things about me:I love typing until there are 0 characters remaining. And I love commenting.I'm 10 years old.I go to a school with something like 62 kids. (17 in my class.)My name got rated 73% good.I got called "little jimmy"when I was very little.My zodiac sign is scorpio.I have Asperger's Syndrome (AS)I am interested in foods, countries and other thingsI hate being called "stupid", which my dad, people in my school, and people on the internet, which is obvious since there are so many trolls on the internet. And I am fascinated by names. 33-327 characters remaining. On YouTube, I watch Buzzfeed, Maths videos, and How-to videos. I want to use up all those characters. I make YouTube videos with my friend!!! Argh!!!!! So many characters remaining!!! 116!!! Well, at least it's going down :P, but of course it does.Anyway, I hope you rate my personal name list, bye ;)