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Member since   November 24, 2015
Real name James
Hi, I am jGhazt09, and I am on this site and here are things about me:

I love typing until there are 0 characters remaining. And I love commenting.

I'm 10 years old.

I go to a school with something like 62 kids. (17 in my class.)

My name got rated 73% good.

I got called "little jimmy"when I was very little.

My zodiac sign is scorpio.

I have Asperger's Syndrome (AS)

I am interested in foods, countries and other things

I hate being called "stupid", which my dad, people in my school, and people on the internet, which is obvious since there are so many trolls on the internet.

And I am fascinated by names.

Ooh 33-327 characters remaining. On YouTube, I watch Buzzfeed, Maths videos, and How-to videos. I want to use up all those characters. I make YouTube videos with my friend!!! Argh!!!!! So many characters remaining!!! 116!!! Well, at least it's going down :P, but of course it does.

Anyway, I hope you rate my personal name list, bye ;)