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Hey all, in addition to liking names I also like poetry, painting, photography, sketching and the occasional short story. I'm also dyslexic and sometimes struggle with my writing so if you're ever wondering why I occasionally mix up p's, b's, and g's in my posts that is why :) Feel free to message me anytime to talk names. No children yet but I have a cat named Rosamund Opal "Rose".My profile picture is a picture of a flower I took & edited

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Name List: Names I would use

  • Adrian
    67%(95 votes)
    ... #2. Adrian Paul
  • Alastair
    70%(79 votes)
    ... #4 Alastair John
  • Elodie
    71%(100 votes)
    ... #3. Elodie Anastasia
  • Evangeline
    68%(89 votes)
    ... #1. Evangeline Violet
  • Genevieve
    68%(85 votes)
    ... #5 Genevieve Jane
  • Julius
    61%(87 votes)
    ... #3. Julius Clark
  • Lavinia
    60%(93 votes)
    ... #4 Lavinia Juliet
  • Leonardo
    59%(88 votes)
    ... #1. Leonardo Josiah
  • Seraphina
    69%(99 votes)
    ... #2. Seraphina Louise
  • Zacchaeus
    51%(85 votes)
    ... #5 Zacchaeus Mathew

Name List: Short and/or Plucky