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Hey all, in addition to liking names I also like poetry, painting, photography, sketching and the occasional short story. I'm also dyslexic and sometimes struggle with my writing so if you're ever wondering why I occasionally mix up p's, b's, and g's in my posts that is why. I am also a mental health/ social work college student and finishing up my bachelor's degree before going on to grad school in December 2022. I have a cat named Rosamund Opal "Rose".My favorite name for a girl I want to use someday if one is had is Evangeline Violet. The 2nd favorite girl name alters between Seraphina Louise, Elodie Anastasia and Lavinia Juliet/Lavinia Rose. For a boy my favorites are Leonardo Josiah, Adrian Paul, Alastair John, and Julius Clark. Lately I'd be most liable to use Adrian Paul. My profile picture is a picture of a flower I took & edited