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Hey! I'm a college student in Texas and just love looking up names - always have! I also like to play the piano and read, read, read.Names I'm in love with at the moment (and have been for awhile): Lydia Angharad, Persis Ariadne, Jeremiah Ezekiel & Hadassah Ethne, Bethan Avery, Gideon Amadeus, Fidelis Eaven, Jude Eileen, Lucy ?, Sebastian ?, Clark Ansel & Gable Allon, Mary Althea & Martha AmaltheaAngharad is from one of Robin McKinley's books (The Blue Sword - I believe), Amadeus after Mozart, of course; my twin names, Clark and Gable after the handsome Clark Gable; and I just love the name Jude for a girl (found that one in a book, too).*I'm the one on the right in the picture...with my twin sister Leah Eileen.
**I have five siblings: Jay Michael, Marc Emmett, Leah Eileen, Nellie Jan, and Thomas Richard.