I prefer Arse, it’s more unique.
In Denmark it's commonly spelled as Aase, naturally. I knew this name through the 1996 mini series Titanic, where one of the main characters is called Aase Ludvigsen, a brave Danish girl. I was familiar with the version of this name, Åsa, relativaly common name in Sweden. I think this name is very beautiful and has a beautiful meaning and background, in my opinion the Danish spelling of -Aa-, rather then -Å-, for places and names, always looked cool.
Åse was popular in Norway in the early 1900s. It ranked at #7 in 1925.
You can find the correct pronunication here:
This is my grandmothers first name, althought she spell it Aase, Åse.
Pronounced AH-shah.
No, it is pronunced like AWE-seh where the awe-sound sounds like the awe part in awesome.
Ase is the name of Peer Gynt's mother in Ibsen's play Peer Gynt. It was spelled "Aase" in Ibsen's day.

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