Good name for a rhinoceros or a rooster.
Sounds more Japanese to me. Its English form Adam is also Finnish.
Pronounced AAH-tah-mee.
This name is pretty much strictly Biblical in Finland, unlike the name Adam in English usage. It would sound strange if someone was actually named Aatami, as the name is associtaed with Adam and Eve, and nothing else (even the expression 'aataminomena' for Adam's apple' really refers to this story). Eeva, the Finnish equivalent of Eve, used to be very common, but now it sounds grandmotherly. This name has never really been used as far as I know, and I bet if it has, the poor guy has gotten a lot of Adam and Eve jokes.
Misspelling would be a problem, and I don't think any nicknames could be made from it.
Aatami is such a cool sounding Finnish name! This would be a terrific name for a book character, I think.

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