Abigail Evelyn "Abi" Titmuss, also known professionally as Abigail Evelyn, is an English actress, television personality, poker player, and former glamour model. Born in Newark, Nottinghamshire, Titmuss grew up in Heckington, Lincolnshire where her parents were teachers. She took her A-levels at Kesteven and Sleaford High School where she played the clarinet. When she was 17, her parents divorced and her father moved to Argyll, Scotland, where he remarried.
Pronunciation: AH-bee
Ultimately from the Biblical Hebrew name Avigayil
Means "my father is joy".
Kind of looks to me like an Arabic guys' name. I know it's not, it just looks like one. I know of several Abis spelling their names like this, and I'm not from Scotland, so this should also be listed as an English name. Would never use it. I can't stand Abigail or Abby spelled any way. Except MAYBE Abbey.
I really do not like this spelling, looks tacky and incomplete. Although I prefer it to Abigail. I prefer Abbie (the way my name is spelt) or Abby.
Like this name to some extent. It is a little too short for me.
Cute. But only as a nickname for Abigail or another similar name. Not as a full name.
Abi is another name for GOD. It means the Superior One or the Creator. Abi is the name given in 2 Kings 18:2 to the mother of Hezekiah, king of Judah. The name translates as "my father," and is probably a shortened version of the name. The parallel verse in 2 Chronicles 29:1 gives this name as Abijah (NRSV, other versions use Abiah or Abia), which means "God is my father."
My name is Abigail and I went by Abby for most of my life but when I moved to Spain I started spelling it Abi so it was easier to understand in Spanish.
It's okay I guess. Don't like Abigail though.

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