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Actually, there is a mistake in 'and נִיר (nir) meaning "lamp, light"' This part is wrong. Its actually suppose to be "נר" (ner) meaning "candle", and not "ניר".
I am Jewish, I live in Israel and my native language is Hebrew, so you can count on my word. [noted -ed]
EmiLP  9/30/2019
There was an old sitcom from the 60's/70's with a pig named Abner.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2018
Terribly unattractive name. Don't do it to your kid (any gender). Beautiful meaning behind the name. That is the problem, it is behind the name, not the name.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2018
Strange version of Amber.
Luvbug86  8/30/2018
Abner has nothing to do with the name Amber. The meaning of Abner is very nice, but unless you tattoo the meaning of his name on your son don't give him that name. It is best left to cartoon characters and history archives.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2018
Horribly old fashioned. I can't imagine a little boy having the name Abner. Abbie can't even work as a nickname, as it sounds very feminine.
kayisforkeen  8/22/2018
The name Abner was given to 197 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/18/2016
I like the name Abner meaning the father of light.
abner  5/22/2016
We named our son (now 8) Abner. It is an unusual name with a beautiful meaning (Father of Light) & interesting Biblical story. It is also the name of an intriguing Orson Scott Card character, Abner Doon (Dune?). It sounds very 1800s to me & was definitely more common then. My son really likes his name. I like it because it is complicated & meaningful & Hebrew. It is a little difficult for people, especially little kids, to say. My son used to tell people it was Ab-en-ner just so that they could say it. Now some of his cousins still call him that :).
MarieGPalmer  5/21/2016
I much, much, much prefer Adner.
― Anonymous User  2/25/2016
Adner is a lot better.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2014
The name Abner was given to 155 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
Abner Snopes is a character in Faulkner's famous story Barn Burning.
sarahinman  12/30/2011
The name Abner makes me think of a dog.
Akito  3/19/2008
The nosy neighbour's husband (the Kratiz's) in the TV show Bewitched is named Abner.
JungKyungSoon  12/9/2007
It rolls of the tongue nicely, and you have to picture a strong nice man when you hear this name.
― Anonymous User  7/17/2007
I think it sounds hillybilly to me.
7up  2/25/2007
I like this name. Jonas Abner would be a nice combo for a boy.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2006
It reminds me of a pig.
kelsey_m  6/9/2006
It reminds me of a pig too, mainly because Abner is the name of Arnold's pet pig in the Nickelodeon animated show "Hey Arnold."
― Anonymous User  5/26/2008
Abner comes off as a very masculine name to me.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2006
"Lil' Abner" was a comic strip that used to run in the United States. It starred Li'l Abner Yokum and was about dumb hillbillies.
breakofday  1/2/2006

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