I like the names Ada, Adah, Adda, Ayda, Aida, but Adah the most.
Adah is different than Ada so I don't find anything wrong with the spelling, besides, it's pronounced differently.
I don't like the pronunciation. Or the spelling. Why not just Ada, guys?
I don't normally like religious names, especially names that are as religious as Adah, but I find the name Adah extremely beautiful and I would imagine a female named Adah to be lovely.
My daughter's name is Adaya ( ah-day-ah). It's a variation of Adah in our baby name book. It means "a beautiful addition to the family". We love it and everyone who meets her loves it too!
Pronounced "ah-DAH" in Hebrew.
Adah Price was the twin of Leah Price in Barbara Kingsolver's novel The Poisonwood Bible.
Adah is the second female name mentioned in the Bible.
Adah (Ay-da) is a nice alternative to Ava, which is steadily growing in popularity.
This name is pronounced ah-dah in Hebrew.

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