Strongly dislike. Very trendy name for a short period of time. Adeline is ok because it’s an actual name. Not a fan of all of these made up spellings!
Ada is just a PERFECT nickname!
Just stick with the classic Adeline.
It's okay, but agree it’s definitely overdone.
This name is way too overused in our area. Over it.
I know way too many 15+ year olds with this name. There are also so many spellings of the name, making it complex.
SO over this name and the SO MANY various spellings.
Awful spelling of an overused name!
I’m sorry but I really dislike this name! Made up spelling and way overdone!
I don't like it, but it's okay for someone else.
Hate this name.
This might be cutesy/trendy for a few years, but I don’t see this aging well. I would hate to be stuck with this name for life!
SO over this name. There are so many Adalyn’s (with a lot of different spellings) in our area. WAAAY overdone!
Very pretty.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Adalyn who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 4, 915th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of the spelling Adalyn or any spelling other than Adeline. However, my niece's name is Addilyn and she's the light of my life so you can say it's grown on me :). You can fall in love with any name, no matter your first impression of it, if it's bared by someone you love.
I found a popular Adalyn online! I find her to be a Spiritually-Intuitive-Genius... She is an Angelic-Clairvoyant-Savant. She has been posting very sage comments on Twitter for less than 2 years. Yet she has 26.1k followers!
Ugh. My sister chose this name for her eldest daughter in 2011. I dislike it because it does not sound like a full name. I think "Adalyn" sounds like it is already abbreviated for Madeline. Ultra trendy. I don't want my niece to grow up and not be classy.
On one hand, I like the name Ada, so when I think of this name as Ada plus the -Lyn suffix, I like it. But when I think of it as a creative spelling of Adeline, I do not like it, as I think Adeline is pretty on its own. Therefore, I would be inclined to pronounce Adalyn as AY-dah-linn, not ADD-ah-linn.
My middle name is Adalyn. It's a family name.
I am not really a fan of Adeline to begin with, preferring Adele or Adelaide because Adeline is merely a diminutive of Adele in any case.

However, spelling Adeline this way completely makes the name lose its meaning. This is a tacky and kre8yv spelling in use because people just had to add "lyn" to the end of it. Even worse is Adalynn.

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