Apparently also occasionally used in Slovene: -- mention it as a variant
You'll find bearers on social media.
Frollein Gladys  9/4/2020
kayisforkeen  10/3/2018
The name Adelita was given to 16 girls in the US in 2017!
Lady_Skywalker  8/23/2018
There's a few restaurants named 'Casa Adelita' in southern California, one is in La Habra. Best Mexican restaurant ever!
― Anonymous User  2/17/2011
A famous bearer of the name Adelita (though it is spelt differently) is Adalita Srsen, guitarist and lead singer of the Australian rock band Magic Dirt. Her father named her after a Spanish song, which is most likely the folk song mentioned.

(source: Wikipedia)
sarah-grrrl  5/27/2009
Pronounced Ah-deh-lee-tah in Spanish.
Elianita  12/15/2008
Adelita was the first sea turtle tracked across an ocean basin by satellite.
LMS  7/31/2007
Adelita is a classical guitar song from the Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega.
LMS  7/31/2007
LA ADELITA (Corrido revolucionario)

En lo alto de una abrupta serranía,
acampado se encontraba un regimiento,
y una joven que valiente lo seguía,
locamente enamorada del sargento.

Popular entre la tropa era Adelita,
las mujer que el sargento idolatraba,
que además de ser valiente era bonita,
que hasta el mismo coronel la respetaba.

Y se oía, que decía,
aquel que tanto la quería:

Y si Adelita quisiera ser mi esposa,
si Adelita fuera mi mujer,
le compraría un vestido de seda
para llevarle a bailar al cuartel.

Y si Adelita se fuera con otro,
la seguiría por tierra y por mar,
si por mar en un buque de guerra,
si por tierra en un tren militar.

Y después que termino la cruel batalla
y la tropa regresó a su campamento,
se oye la voz de una mujer que sollozaba,
su plegaria se escucho en el campamento.

Al oirla el sargento temeroso,
de perder para siempre a su adorada,
ocultando su dolor bajo el esbozo
a su amada le cantó de esta manera:

Y se oía, que decía,
aquel que tanto se moría:

Y si acaso yo muero en campaña,
y mi cadáver lo van a sepultar,
Adelita por Dios te lo ruego,
que con tus ojos me vayas a llorar.


THE ADELITA (Continuous revolutionary)
In the high of an abrupt mountainous country, encamped one was finding a regiment, and a young woman who bravely was following (continuing) it, madly in love with the sergeant.

Popular between (among) the troops it was Adelita, the woman that the sergeant was adoring, that beside being a brave nice age, which up to the same colonel he was respecting her.

And it was heard, that she was saying, that one that so much wanted it:

And if Adelita wanted to be my wife, if Adelita was my wife, she would buy her a garment of silk to lead him to dancing to the barrack.

And if Adelita went away with other one, she would follow (continue) it for land and for sea, if for sea in a warship, if for land in a military train.

And later that I finish the cruel battle and the troop returned to her camp, there is heard the voice of a woman who was sobbing, her prayer I listen in the camp.

The fearful sergeant, of losing forever her adored one, concealing her pain under the sketch from her dear one sang to the oirla hereby:

And it was heard, that she was saying, that one who so much was dying:

And if perhaps I die in campaign, and my corpse they are going to bury it, Adelita for God I you it ask, that with your eyes you should be going to weep for me.

This is a beautiful Mexican song that people usually sing in the 16 of September and the 20 of November, here in Mexico people dress little kids up as revolucionaries and the do show at the school where obviousily they sing this song.

Where I live (in Chihuahua) there's a statue of "La Adelita".
― Anonymous User  3/18/2007

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