The given name Adelmar is still in use in this day and age, namely in Latin America, where it is predominantly (but not exclusively) used in Brazil. You can find modern bearers of the name on LinkedIn, but even more so on Facebook. Brazilian variant spellings and forms of the name include: Adelmario, Adelmaro and Adilmar. [noted -ed]Known bearers of the name include:- Adelmar Tavares da Silva (1888-1963), a Brazilian lawyer, magistrate and jurist. (in English)- Adelmar da Costa Carvalho (1909-1990), a Brazilian entrepreneur who had a sports stadium in the city of Recife named after him. (in Portuguese)- Adelmar Faria Coimbra-Filho (b. 1924), a Brazilian biologist and primatologist. (in English)- Javier Zanetti (b. 1973), an Argentine former soccer player who has Adelmar as a middle name. (in English)The name Adelmar is also still in use in the Netherlands, but it is extremely rare there nowadays: in 2014, there were less than 20 bearers (of all ages) in the entire country: (in Dutch)The Dutch pronunciation of the name is as follows: AH-dəl-mahr.
This name is so old and rare that it might even be unknown to many Germans. [noted -ed]

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