I love the name Aden spelled this way. My grandma's maiden name is Aden. Sometimes, what is assumed kre8tyve is actually honoring a family surname. Amazing spelling, sound and meaning of Aden, I love it.
Makes me picture a 5 year old brat.
This spelling looks a bit simplistic. It may be my favorite, but it looks like it's missing a letter.
Actually, I really like it spelt as Aaden.
This shouldn't be listed as modern; unlike its trendy counterparts Aidan, Aiden, Ayden, etc., it is listed as having brief usage in the 1800s.
Actually this name is Yemeni/Somali... it is pronounced Ah-den NOT ay-den. And this is coming from someone who IS Somali.
This is a city in the Middle East. This is not a human name, and is the equivalent of naming your son "Dubai," "Tehran," or "Damascus." Also, -Aden names in general are extremely overused and the antithesis of creativity. Please don't use this as a name.
Actually, my above comment is mistaken (I'm sorry). This is actually a commonly-used male name in Somalia, and was borne by two Somali presidents. It can also be spelled "Aaden."
My grandfathers middle name was Aden spelt this way and he was born in 1909. I hardly think this is just a trendy and kreatyve way to spell Aidan.
I think it looks rather ugly, as if it should be pronounced AH-den. Stick to Aidan or Aiden, please.
This name is so tacky. We don't need all of these ugly kryativ spellings.
This is a trendy name and the spelling makes it worse.
This is the name of a port in Yemen. It is not a human name, although parents just want a kreatyv spyllyng of the "name" Aidan.
Aden is my favorite spelling of Aiden. I just don't like names beginning with two vowels.
I like it spelt Aaden like on Jon and Kate Elus Eight. :)
The Middle Eastern, very old City, Region, Country of that name, used as a name.

Masculine from the female name of Ade, which is an alternate spelling of Ada or Adda, short for a number of names or as a name. Spelled interchangebly with Adin.
I prefer Aidan or better yet, naming your child not off of some fad name!
Aden is good, strong name. On the popularity lists of 2004, both Aidan and Aiden, which are very closely related to Aden, were among the top 100.

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