Nothing wrong with the name itself. It has a nice meaning and it sounds strong. It’s unfortunate that a brutal, sadistic, and completely evil dictator ruined the name forever. The name is unusable today in either form.
Objectively, Adolph and variants like Adolf are pleasant masculine names that could work for many different sorts of men. It is not overly butch/macho and instead sounds somewhat refined and sophisticated. Unfortunately, due to associations with Hitler, this name will continue to carry such negative connotations for a very long time. This makes it practically impossible and unconscionable to bestow onto a child now. Perhaps it would work outside of Europe and the Americas.

The variant Adalwolf is quite cool for those who want something similar and like the meaning. I don't care for the nicknames/variants Dolph or Alf, but Adi might work. It sounds like a modern boy with an open-minded worldview.
In the United States of America, 5 baby boys were named Adolph in 2019.

How very interesting.
I like this better just because Adolf is too associated to Hitler but if Hitler didn’t exist, Adolf would be a nicer name.
I like Aadolf and this instead.
It’s better than Adolf, as Adolf is seriously unusable because of an evil, racist man.
Adolph is honestly a great name with an awesome meaning and great history. I just wish it was more common back then, because then it would maybe not be so associated only with Hitler. Like, for example, Stalin's name Joseph is still a very common name and people don't consider it an evil name, even though Stalin was in no way better than Hitler and actually killed even more people, and the indescribably brutal, evil, vile, sadistic, remorseless and monstrous things Stalin did, including even killing his own men and driving his own son and wife to suicide, which his son survived and at the end got kidnapped by Nazis, only for Stalin to give up on him and let his son be killed, as well as starving millions of people to death and sending them to work in Siberia where most of them did not survive and died a long, painful, horrible death has not left such a stain on this name just because the name is very popular and people associate it with more people, not only Stalin. If the name Joseph was less common it would maybe also face the same situation due to the unbelievably evil monster Stalin that was a bearer of the name.
If there wasn't Hitler I probably would think that the name isn't bad!
I like the name. Sucks it would be "politically incorrect" today. If Adolf Hilter didn't rise to power this name would be accepted.
Adolph is a very handsome name, but I would never use it here in North America, for obvious reasons.
I love this name! I don't think it has been ruined at all.
In 2018, 83 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Adolph who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 505th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Who cares about The Adolf hitler association? Adolf/Adolph are perfectly good names! And I won’t let some evil man ruin this for me!
Curious me, if you don’t care about the Hitler association, then go ahead and name your kid Adolph.
This spelling is even uglier than Adolf.
This name is very old, and I hate that Hitler came along and ruined this name. I do agree, though, that it should not be used out of respect for those who died in the Holocaust.
Look, no matter how you spell it, it just is an unattractive name. And for anyone to ever suggest that people should get over the genocide of 11 Million people and a war in which 50 Million people died, I have no words for you. Hitler was the MOST EVIL thing to walk this planet and if he conquered the world I would not be here (I am Jewish). Would anyone ever consider naming their kid Osama? Well certainly not in the United States! Even if you are ignorant or think it sounds good, your son won't because he will be tortured by his peers for his whole life unfortunately.
Nope. Never.
It is rarely used in the US, but is still used often in Germany.
My name is Adolph, and I stumbled on this thread. I actually registered just so I can comment on it.

I was born in the United States in the 1970's to an immigrant father and a mother born in this country. My last name is very Jewish and very German, so Adolph is obviously a family name.

My parents were well intentioned, but they should never ever ever have named me Adolph. They would call me Adolph in the home and in public (my 80 year-old mother still calls me Adolph when I visit her).

I would encourage parents to avoid the name for at least three reasons:

Reason #1: Kids are mean and kids are cruel.
The grade school conversations would go something like this:
Other Kid: So you're named after Hitler? Do you think what he did was great or something?
Me: I didn't name myself, my parents did. And I'm Jewish.
Other Kid: I heard Hitler was born a Jew. Maybe you're a psycho like him.
Me: Take it back!
Other Kid: No!
[At this point, a fight inevitably ensues. Clothes are ripped, bruises are delivered, tears are shed - from both of us].
I think of my name every time I hear Johnny Cash's "Boy Named Sue"

I stopped going by Adolph when I left my parent's house, but the name still follows me.

Reason #2: It's a difficult name to have in the business world. You can still succeed, but you've got to work hard to overcome your name. Example: If someone doesn't like your management style - guess who you're compared to? Yup - A.H.

Reason #3: You'd be surprised how many places ask for your identification.
Last December, I had a hotel clerk at an Alabama Holiday Inn check me in and ask: Adolph Hitler, was he a Jew hater or a Jew lover? This spring I had to show my identification at a convenience store in Utah, and the cashier laughed and said "your parents must have been on LSD". So yes, when someone sees my legal first name, the first thing they think of is Adolph Hitler - even if they don't know who he is.

So, please in the name of all that is good in this universe and for the sake of your child, do not name your child anything remotely similar to Adolf. Please, please, please do not name your child Adolf, Adolph, Adolphus, Adolpho, Adolphe.
I also wanted to provide some biographical information about some of the notable and successful bearers of the name who have been mentioned in this thread. Most important, you will note that they were all born before Hitler started to take power in 1933.

Adolph H.J. Coors, Sr. Was born in 1847, about 85 years before Hitler became chancellor of Germany. He founded the Coors brewing company. Tragically, he jumped to his death from a hotel window in 1929. His children continued to run the business after his death.

Adolph Coors, Jr. Was the second President of Coors Brewing Company. He was also born in 1884 and was almost 50 years old when Hitler came to power. It would be safe to say that he was already a successful business man from a prominent family before the world knew of Hitler. He died at the ripe of old age of 86 in 1970 (of natural causes).

Adolph Coors, III was born in 1915, about 18 years before the rise of Hitler. He was kidnapped and murdered in 1960 (at the age of 44).

Adolph Green was born in 1914, about 19 years before the rise of Hitler. He had a tremendously successful career, and he also had two children. Not surprisingly, neither of them are named Adolph (not surprising because it is very uncommon in Judaism to name a child after someone who is living but also not surprising because very few people have chosen the name since the rise of Hitler).

Adolph Joffe was born in 1883, about 50 years before the rise of Hitler. He led a remarkable life, leading the communist revolution in Russia, though committed suicide shortly after turning 40. He had grown very ill after becoming a persona non grata to the leaders, and was denied permission to go abroad for medical care.
I like the strong meaning of his name, but unfortunately the name is commonly associated with the horrid, atrocious Adolf Hitler. I understand what a negative impact the man had on the world, but I also don't think that we should let one truly bad apple ruin the name forever. I understand why people would think lowly if you name your kid Adolf, but I think its okay to name your kid Adolph.
Despite its history, I quite enjoy this name! It sounds strong and masculine.
Bolshevik politician Adolph Joffe was a famous bearer of this name.
Why should one rotten apple kill a name? What about Adolph Green and Adolph/Arthur "Harpo" Marx (both of whom were Jewish, incidentally)? If Hitler's name had been something more common, like Paul or Richard, would anyone suggest that it be avoided ever afterwards?
Adolph Green, American lyricist and playwright.
Harpo Marx's original first name was Adolph. He changed it to Arthur, but long before Hitler came along.
I wonder who ruined this name for a good century or two? Three guesses.
It's a lot better with this spelling, and I honestly think this name is beautiful, it's just ruined because Hitler had the name. I think it was unlucky that this name was not popular enough to rise above the hate of Hitler. We don't stop using the name "Joseph" because of what Stalin did.

To name my child Adolph would cause great misfortune, but I wouldn't mind giving an inanimate object or a character this name. I think it also makes it better to hyphenate it with something else, ie: "Dierk-Adolphe".
I must agree with VictoryCrown in that Hitler was, in all technicalities, not a fascist ruler (Mussolini was, however). The Third Reich was, as stated, a socialist form of government. Hitler did not necessarily rule this way, however. Because he was so nationalistic, his attempts at glorifying that German "Aryan" race far outweighed the benefits of socialism. But I couldn't EVER use the name Adolf! He was among the most evil men in history (right up there with Stalin and Pol Pot), and therefore this name is entirely dead to me. Anybody who believes that young children won't be bothered by this name is wrong indeed. I knew who Hitler was and that he had killed millions of people when I was about 6 years old. I didn't understand the concept of the Holocaust until I was about 8 or 9, but believe me, I knew that Hitler was a horrible man from a very young age.
Just because you slap the word "socialist" onto something does not make it socialist. The Nazi party was fascistic in it's practices. Can you give me a better definition for a fascist government?
Count me in as one of those who think this name should have died with Hitler. If you used this name today, people woulkd assume you're some type of white supremacist loonie, and you'd have to give some rather long explanations to people as to why you picked the name, especially to Jews, and they would hardly be impressed if you said, ''Well, I love the sound of it, and why should Hitler ruin it? People still use Joseph despite Stalin''. How many famous men named Adolph can you think of upon hearing the name? Besides, the name is very old-fashioned, and not all that pleasant-sounding.
I'd like to use it as a middle name.
The Hitler connection notwithstanding (though the 'ph' separates it very much from him I think), it's just not a very attractive name in my opinion. If Hitler had a name I liked, I wouldn't hesitate to use it. There have undoubtedly been thousands of Adolfs and Adolphs in the history of the world. Besides, plenty of people would name their son Joseph, even though Stalin was almost as evil as Hitler when you study the details.
This name is actually not nearly as stigmatized as Adolf. Adolph Rupp (famous to fans of University of Kentucky basketball, Rupp Arena is named for him) and Adolph Coors (beer brewers) are two very famous examples, both Americans who apparently lived without being accused of being Nazis.
Adding an "h" to the end of the name does not erase the association of it with one of the most evil men in history. Any "Adolf" variation will invariably bring to mind the surname "Hitler" immidietly following--and it's going to stay that way for a long, long time. So unless you want people wondering about your child's association with the KKK or neo-Nazis, you should probably stay away from this name for at least the next hundred years.
You're refusing to forget him so his evil lasts forever. Nobody is going to connect a young boy with Hitler. Get over it. Hitler was a psychotic yet intelligent man and had he lived today the guy would be in an institution being looked after. There were plenty of bad guys in history, but it's time to move on. If an evil ruler was called Mary then you wouldn't say "everybody stop! No more Mary's!" would you? NO! So stop being ignorant. It's just a name, the poor kid won't be a dictator nor will half his school friends even know who Hitler is until they are a lot older.
I apologize if I sounded narrow-minded (and I'll admit that reading over what I wrote, I definitely did) but just to clarify, I didn't suggest that the child with this name would inevitably become an evil dictator, what I meant was that hearing the name "Adolph" (which has the exact same pronunciation as "Adolf") will, at least in my own experience, bring to mind immedietly the surname "Hitler", as he IS undoubtedly the most famous bearer. The last comment, despite my typing, I actually didn't mean to write "your child's", I meant to just type "your"--although either way that comment was too far on my part.

However, in response to the anonymous commenter, no--I don't believe the evils of Hitler SHOULD be forgotten, nor should the Holocaust or WWII. If there ever is a generation that forgets that genocide, that would be a very sad thing indeed, because once you forget history, you'll most likely repeat its mistakes. Yes, the connection to the first name probably should not be so immediate sixty years after his death (although his victims which are estimated to have been 5-6 million Jews alone, in addition to 3 million others during the Holocaust will hopefully not be forgotten), and as time goes by hopefully the power of his legacy and the Antisemitism he influenced will lessen. If there ever was an evil dictator named Mary, I wouldn't think that Mary would be the most popular name of choice immediately following her death, the decades following I'm not so sure, but surely if she was as evil as Hitler that would make her the most famous bearer for a while, as is the case with Adolf.

As for the two other famous bearers, I hadn't heard of them, and I again, apologize for my mistyping of suspecting a person's personality based on their name, I had meant the association with the parents (I've been in this "name does not decide the future of the child" argument with others before and am extremely embarrassed that the mistype has made me at the opposite end this time), although either way the comment was wrong of me to make, and I take it back. It was stupid of me to say, and not how I genuinely feel (at the time, although I won't go into detail, I had been in an argument with somebody else who was extremely ignorant and that probably affected my biased mindset at the time).

So, in short, I apologize for my foolish typo, I retract the statement I originally meant to type for its ignorance and bias at the time, but I do maintain that this name would not be at the top of my list for a child's name, though I do concede it is not as controversial a spelling as "Adolf".
This was Hitler's name, so who would want to be called Adolph anyway? I don't think it's very good.

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