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Would it be considered offensive using "Adonai" in context with a first name for meaning?
I'm really liking "Selah Adonai" for my child. Would putting these 2 names together actually mean "to pause & reflect on the Lord"?
aaw86  12/22/2017
The related name Adonis might be a less contentious alternative.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2012
Though it is a free country and you *can* name someone whatever you want to, this is not a name. It is the same thing as naming a kid "My Lord" which is pretty weird.
materetsky  4/16/2012
In response to the one who said this is equivalent to naming a child My Lord, again you have to remember not everyone believes in God. I am an atheist, and I quite enjoy this name. To me, it isn't the equivalent of My Lord, because I don't believe in a Lord. Beliefs are not universal. This is a beautiful name that I may consider using in the future.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2017
Beautiful name. I agree with the previous poster completely. Please don't soil other's impression of this name through your own beliefs; they are not universal. That being said, I would love to name my daughter this. It sounds like such a feminine name, even if it's listed as masculine. The meaning doesn't concern me much; at least it isn't "asshole"!
Adyst  11/15/2010
Just as with any other name, anyone that wants to can name their son Adonai. If it is against someone's beliefs, they can chose not to do it, but they shouldn't make of their beliefs a general rule for the whole humanity. There are people that consider Christianity or Islam just another mythology, so it's fine if they want to name their son Allah or Yahve or Jehovah or Adonai as it is fine for them to name their son Zeus or Apollo or Hermes or Ouranos or Mars or Venus or Jupiter.
Orpheo  9/6/2007
I absolutey love this name, but I think it should be reserved only for God.
Ghanima  8/2/2007
This name should NOT be used for a person!
― Anonymous User  7/25/2006
It has been commented that you don't know anyone with the name of Adonai. Well I guess I'm the first one then because my middle name is Adonay, but my parents intentionally misspelled it substituting the 'i' for a 'y'.
adonay  12/7/2005
Don't give it to your son. It's like naming someone God or Allah. It's a title, not a name.
Caprice  8/27/2005
A beautiful name... I've never come across anyone named this but I think that it would be a great name to give to a son.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2005
It still is the title used to refer to G-d, whose name IS forbidden to be spoken.
Miss Claire  4/1/2005

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