I think the name is unique and special. It gives you a warm feeling. Adora. It has a beautiful meaning, gift, blessing, adoration. It is short and sweet. I love it.
I adore this.
"Hey Adora".
Wow! To see so many people with the same name as me feels so nice and makes me appreciate my name more because I used to be ashamed of it.
Hello! I know your name is also Adora because you are here... Funny to say, I used to hate my name, Adora, because I got teased as Dora as in Dora the Explorer! But now I am getting used to it, I am loving it now. There's princess Adora of the She-ra story that I still haven't watched, there's a famous producer of big hits that uses Adora as her name, and a lot more person like actresses and business owners! I thought my name was unique... I just always think my name is as good as Adored, Adorable, Adoration, and many more! I am from the Phillipines, Asia.
Funny to see so many thoughts on the names especially since it’s mine! And guess what my middle name is Bella so, in short Adora Bella. Only met one other girl with the name Adora I used to hate it but I actually really like my name now.
So cute!
Pretty cute and nice, and very unusual and unique.
Pretty cute name.
I think this name is nice because of She-ra, which I used to watch a lot, and also because Adhara and Adara are great names with a similar sound.
Just makes you think of adore, adorable, etc.
Even though it is rather close to adorable it sounds sweet yet buisnesslike, strong yet intelligent. It also reminds me of Shera, which makes it seem strong. A name I would consider.

Put ble at the end and you get, 'Adorable'.
Adora Svitak - Child prodigy, published author, known for her essays, stories, poems, blogs, etc...
Cutesy and childish. Ick.
Adora BatBrat, an alternative model.
King Adora is a British rock band, known for such songs as Bionic (2001), Big Isn't Beautiful (2000) and Suffocate (2001). The band broke up from 2005-2009, but is now back together and touring.
It's quite cute.
It sounds corny as a name and looks like someone wanted a "fancy" version of Dora.
I'm not the biggest fan of Spanish names but Viviana, Adora, and Luciana win me with Spanish names. Adora is cute and classy!
Adora, pronounced "ə-DOR-ə", could be short for Isadora.

I'm rather fond of this name myself but like others have pointed out, its closeness to "adorable" gives it a sticky-sweet quality that doesn't suit or appeal to every little girl. Isadora gives her more flexibility; you could try Adora on for size when she's little and if she grows out of the nickname or rebels against it there are other options: Isa, Izzie, etc. But I do love Adora; it softens the hard, blunt Dora and its meaning is lovely. Could be used to honor a grandmother or other relative named Dorothy, Doris, etc., in a fresh modern way.
Adora sounds very sweet, nice, and pretty.
Perfect name - if you live in Candyland.
A rather sweet sounding name.
You could call your daughter Adora-Belle if you really wanted.
First time I ever heard it was in the hilarious and highly recommended Terry Pratchett book /Going Postal/. One of the characters is named (very ironically) Adora Belle Dearheart.
The French verb, "adorer", meaning "to love", can be alternatively spelled, Adorée, pronounced: ah-do-RAY, for a "French" version of this pretty name.
Adora is a Finnish female rock duo as well as an American metalcore band.
Adora is the title of a stereotyped romance novel by Beatrice Small.
Adora is one of the characters in Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid.
Adora is the stage name of a popular drag queen in Miami.
Adora chocolates is a company based in Sydney Australia.
Adora Preaker is the homicidal mother from the novel "Sharp Objects".
Jonathan Jackson from the movie Tuck Everlasting has a daughter named Adora. Actress Lisa Vutaggio is the mother.
There's something sweet and nice about the name Adora. A name I would definitely use.
My daughter's name is Adora. It's a beautiful and very feminine name. She loves it.
Adora is such a sweet name.
Princess Adora was She-Rah's non-super hero self.
Personaly I rather like the name Adora. I read it once in a short story and became hooked on it. It is rather beautiful in my opinion.

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