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Gender Feminine
Usage Old Norse
Other Forms FormsÆgilæif, Ægilof, Ægilæifr, Ægilafr.

Meaning & History

The first element Ægi- may be related to Old Icelandic Ægir, "the sea" or "the god of the sea", found in compounds as ægisandr "sea-sand" or the Icelandic place-name Ægisiða. Alternately, it may be related to Old Icelandic ægja, "to frighten, make terrible", found in compounds such as ægilikr, "terrible, awful". The second element -leif, -læif or -lof is a feminine name element derived from Primitive Scandinavian *-laibó a formation from the stem in OW.Norse leif "inheritance, legacy", but as an element in personal names "one who comes after, heir" and thus to -læifR/-lafR.
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